Here is a touch of Denmark-in-the-tropics with all the modern conveniences of living in the U.S.A. Currently a box office smash hit in Florida is the Jimmy Buffett-Herman Wouk musical said to be about a U.S. Virgin Island. Called "Don't Stop the Carnival," the show depicts the ups and downs of an American who seeks to indulge his dream of owning a small hotel in "paradise."

The U.S. Virgins were purchased from Denmark during World War I times when the U.S. worried about a possible German submarine base in these islands. Today, a bit of royal Denmark remains in such historic landmarks as Fort Christian. The royal crest of Europe's oldest ruling family appears here and there on public buildings. In one respect, the U.S. Virgins are more Danish than Denmark. Traffic still moves to the left although Denmark has finally switched to the right, ala U.S.A.

The three principal islands are St Thomas; St John, with world-famous Cinnamon Bay National Park and Trunk Bay underwater snorkel trail; and St Croix, the largest, where Columbus anchored his ships and went ashore in 1493.

The capital city is hill-encircled Charlotte Amalie, named for a Queen of Denmark. Many duty-free shops line the streets of this St Thomas mini-metropolis.

Sight-seeing in these historic islands is a major tourism plus. Cuisine, culture, sports and night life complete the menu for the perfect U.S. Virgin Island vacation of a lifetime.

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